(Sardinia, Italy 1963)


Born in Sardinia (Italy) in 1963, Valeria Pesce has been living in Barcelona (Spain) since 1991.

Her background is in graphic design (European Design Institute in Cagliari and Fashion Institute of Technology in New York), but in recent years she has focussed exclusively on painting.

The sea and nature in general exert a clear influence on her painting, with water and fishes playing a particularly important part. Her fishes float weightlessly in a liquid sky, an amniotic space in continuous movement where colours are the vectors of emotions and feelings. A realistic and oneiric figuration at the same time, yielding a reality in constant movement and transformation. Nothing remains as it is, everything flows and everything is transformed. Fishes are light and silent spots of colour, elusive and fleeting as thoughts and life itself.

Valeria works with oil on wood, enabling the nature of wood to intervene and enrich her paintings, turning the work into a living piece. Her work features a distinctive, exquisite compositional pattern and colour palette.

“Acque Celestiali”, the exclusive collection created for VESANIART Art Gallery, is an essential and minimalist series of 10 original pieces, where Valeria Pesce paints abstract water in all its mesmerizing aquatic colour range. Immersed in colour are the artist’s signature goldfishes.

Her paintings are in private collections in Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, England, New Zealand, the United States, Hong Kong, and Switzerland.




“Delicartessen18” / Group exhibition, Galería Esther Montoriol, Barcelona, España

“Última colectiva de la década” / Group exhibition, Galería Espai B, Barcelona, España


“Flower Flow” / Group exhibition, Eclectic gallery, London, Inglaterra


“Cosmologia Pescina” / Solo exhibition, Hotel Aquadulci, Sardinia, Italia

20 meters Wall painting for Hotel Aquadulci, Sardinia, Italia


“Svelati” / Group exhibition. T Hotel, Cagliari, Italia


“Colectiva de Navidad”/ Group exhibition, Galería ESPAI B, Barcelona, España


“In movimiento”/ Solo exhibition. Akashi Gallery Barcelona, España


“Alta Marea” / Solo exhibition. Hotel Italia, Cagliari, Italia
“Sirenes” Espai B / 2 artists exhibition, Barcelona, España
“Nel Sogno dei Pesci” / 2 artists exhibition, Centro Ayurveda, Cagliari, Italia

“Il sensibile e il sensuale” / Group exhibition. Palazzo Regie Poste, Cagliari, Italia


“Collettiva scollegata” Studio Ricetto, Cagliari, Italia


“Colectiva de Nadal” / Group exhibition Espai B, Barcelona, España
“Horror Vacui” / Group exhibition, Galería Montcada, Barcelona, España
“Maçart 13”/ Group exhibition, Arte transfronterizo. Maçanet, Le Perthus Francia
“Recicl’art” / Group exhibition, Recycled Art, Restaurant Silenus, Barcelona, España
“Regards from Barcelona” / Group exhibition, Galería Montcada, Barcelona, España


“Cogito ergo sumo”  / Solo exhibition. Galleria Spazio P, Cagliari, Italia


“Pesci qua e là” / Solo exhibition, Galleria Spazio P, Cagliari, Italia
Workshop “Artita 08”, Pirano, Slovenia


“Col.lectiva de Nadal” / Group exhibition Galería Espai B, Barcelona, España
“Col.lectiva d’estiu”/ Group exhibition Galería Espai B, Barcelona, España
“Piscis” / Solo exhibition, Anaconda, Milano, Italia
“Piscis” / Solo exhibition,  Anaconda Atelier, Paris, Francia


Workshop “Severia Art Gallery” Koper, Eslovenia
Künstler Symposion Saarmesse, Saarbrücken, Alemania
Guest in TV programm “Italospagnolo”with Fabio Volo, MTV Italia
“Azzurro e salato, ma non troppo” / Solo exhibition, Spazio P, Cagliari, Italia


“Flores y otros bichos de mi jardín” / Solo exhibition, Galleria Small Bob, Cagliari, Italia
“L’eros degli artisti” / Group exhibition, Galleria Small Bob Café, Cagliari, Italia

Colectiva / Espai Gorina, Sant Cugat del Vallés, España

“Valeria Pesce”/ Solo exhibition, Hotel Cristal Palace, Barcelona, España


“Pinturas acuáticas”/ Solo exhibition. Restaurant Silenus, Barcelona, España
“Collettiva di maggio” / Group exhibition, Galleria Borgogno, Milano, Italia


“Valeria Pesce”/ Solo exhibition. Galería Montcada Taller. Barcelona, España


“Versió Femenina”/ Group exhibition Centre Civic Pati Llimona, Barcelona, España
“Acercamientos”/ Solo exhibition. Restaurant Silenus, Barcelona. España
“Todos bajo el sol”/ Solo exhibition. Circolo Wadada, Rimini, Italia


“Valeria Pesce”/ Solo exhibition, Sala Jassera Can Festís, San Sadurní de Anoia, España
Colectiva / Group exhibition Manel Castellà, Barcelona, España


“Circoli viziosi”/ Solo exhibition, Restaurant Silenus, Barcelona, España
“Col.lectiva d’Hivern IV” / Group exhibition, Galería Safia, Barcelona, España
15è HipermercArt Vinçon / Group exhibition, Barcelona, España